Meet Emily



Hi. I’m Emily. The story of my transition to Dessert Fairy starts in my Mom’s kitchen…

As far back as I can remember I loved making desserts. I remember her teaching me how to take a paper doily and dust powdered sugar over a cake to make a simple lace decor, it was my specialty … if a 7 year old can have one! For most of my childhood, my family gathered every Sunday for dinner, and I was always the one who baked our dessert.

As I got older I started sharing my affinity for cooking and baking both in and out of my home life.  When I graduated high school, my friends all had parties, and I brought a custom designed cake to many of them. I eventually went on to become an art minor in college but my true passion never stopped calling to me.


While continuing to moonlight as a freelance cake designer, I went on to train professionally in the french pastry aesthetic at the French Culinary Institute in Manhattan, all the while setting my sights squarely on being my own boss. To this day, my designs hold the classic sophistication that I learned in my training however as The Dessert Fairy, my visual affinity for the whimsical takes the cake so to speak :)

A lot of my inspiration for the sweets I make comes from all of the delicious flavors and ingredients that come with each season.  I am inspired by nature and the magic it brings to us, and I love garnishing a cake in a way that reminds you of where the flavor naturally comes from.  Sometimes seasonal fruit or fresh flowers are all the decoration you need to compliment a scrumptious treat!  Dessert can be as transcendent and artful as it is nostalgic and comforting.

I look forward to seeing you soon!